General Questions

If you contact us (via phone at (800) 245-6489, or by email ), it will be very helpful if you have some information available.
First order of business is to determine which stove you have. Getting a good idea of the hookup is important as well.

  1. What model is your stove, and what is the date of manufacture? (Both are found on the metal tag on the stove)

  2. What type of chimney - is it a masonry (brick), or a kit chimney?

  3. If it is a kit chimney, does it go straight up, or out through a wall and then up? How high above the roof does it go?

  4. Is the stove in a basement?

  5. Does the stove have outside intake air hooked up? How is it run?

  6. If it is a masonry chimney, does the chimney have an ash clean out door?

  7. What size flue is the chimney?

  8. How new is the house?

These questions will give us a great start on troubleshooting your stove and taking care of the issue at hand.