Fire Goes Out When Damper Is Shut

Here are a few questions to ask if you're experiencing problems with the flame going out when you shut your stove's damper:

  • Did the stove reach operating temperature? See your owner's manual for burning instructions.

  • Does the chimney have enough draw? (Check 10/2 Rule). You may want to consult with a professional installer.

  • If the stove is a catalytic model, is the catalyst clear?

  • Has the chimney been cleaned lately? A professional chimney sweep can help, and can give tips for better burning.

  • Does the chimney have an ash door?  Is it sealed? An air-tight seal in the chimney door (and entire flue system) is important.

  • Does the chimney get hot enough for operation? (If it's a pipe (kit) chimney without a chase - a chase may need to be installed.)

  • Is an outside air source installed? This is one of the most helpful things you can do in an air-tight home.

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