Why did you go with Free Shipping and new prices?

Glad you asked!

For years, we’ve heard our customers ask why we don’t offer free shipping, when so many other web sites do.

Honestly, it has been really tough for us to do that, for several reasons –
-Most importantly, our replacement parts are the exact same parts that we use on the production line, meaning that you get the parts that the stove was designed and tested to use. You don’t get some cheap, knock-off (potentially unsafe) replacement part that so many other sites sell. They often choose to ‘cheap it out’ on the cost of the part, and then they’re able to offer lower pricing and/or free shipping.
-Also, our shipping costs have always covered shipping and handling, as well as packaging – and the prices of all of those have escalated.
We’ve been at this for just about as long as anyone else in the industry, and we’ve learned to take care to package our parts carefully and with correctly-sized boxes and plenty of packaging material, to ensure that it gets to you safely and in good working order, which takes extra time and resources.

-However, we have heard your requests loud and clear, and we are now offering Free Standard Shipping on all orders to the U.S. and Canada, as well as 15% off orders that contain more than one item. In addition, our expedited shipping charges (US*) are simple - and as reasonable as we could possibly make them.
All in all, we’ve redesigned the look of the entire web site, along with our Free Shipping policy, so that you can have a quick and easy experience - with reasonable pricing and the same great quality and fast shipping that you’ve always enjoyed.
Thanks again so very much for your business, and for your support of a Made in USA family company.

Canadian customers who choose Expedited Shipping get the same Live Rates that we pay to ship from our Canadian warehouse to your home.