Finding your stove's model number, etc. for ordering parts

This will help ensure accuracy and speed when processing your order.

Where do you find the Model Number, Serial Number and Manufacture Date?

They are located on a metal tag on the stove, usually near the top of the tag.

Where is the tag located?

It's pretty hard to miss the metal data tag, since it's fairly large, but here's a general guide as to where it is on most models:
(Looking from the FRONT of the stove...)
WOOD Stoves - Located on the side, usually bottom left, or the rear of the stove
ADD-ON Furnace - Usually located on the left, on the rear panel
PELLET Stoves - Can be located on the side (usually bottom left), OR can be located inside the hopper lid
GAS Stoves - Located on the upper left back panel; COAL Stoves - Located on the lower right side