Phone Support

If you're calling during the winter months, we apologize, but our Support phone lines are BUSY during this time of year, as all stove companies are. Many new customers are calling in with general questions, which adds to the call volume.

  1. If you need a part that is covered by Warranty, you may click on Support-Warranty Claim and fill out a form that will go straight to our Warranty parts department. Please check your owner’s manual to be sure your part is still under Warranty-- Click Here to download a manual in our Support section.
  2. Please take a look at and choose your stove’s Model Number from the Playlists. We have MANY videos there that show how to maintain your stove, replace parts, etc. This can save you a lot of time!
  3. We also have an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section - You can easily Search for the topic you need help with - Click here for FAQs.
  4. If you need a part and know which part you need, click on Parts and find your stove model. The cost is the same as if you call in, and we process online orders asap.
  5. You may email us at if you have a non-urgent question. We try to answer within a day or two if at all possible.
  6. If you call – (800) 245-6489 is the Tech Support line - Phone lines are less busy in the mornings and mid-week. PLEASE listen to all the important messages while you hold and PLEASE be patient, we do completely troubleshoot each call AND try to completely resolve the issue in one phone call if at all possible. That takes time, but it helps you more in the long run. If you are having issues with your pellet stove, please unplug the stove and remove the rear access panel before calling, to save you time on the call.
    *Thanks so much! *