PU-CB93 Wiring Chart

The PU-CB93 analog control board's wire connections are located in a vertical row on the left side of the printed circuit board.

Listed from the top of the board , the following sequence should be followed.

Note: White wires are "common" if applicable , if there are two black wires either can be connected to common.

Colors listed below denote line color in chart not actual wire colors.

1. Common for exhaust blower (Blue)

2. Hot for exhaust blower (Blue)

3. Common for top auger motor (Green)

4. Hot for top auger motor (Green)

5. Common for bottom auger motor (Pink)

6. Hot for bottom auger motor (Pink)

7. Common for room air blower 1 (Red)

8. Hot for room air blower 1 (Red)

9. Common for room air blower 2 (Red)

10.Hot for room air blower 2 (Red)

11. Common for the power cord (Black)

12. Hot for power cord (Black)

Note: The thermostat connection is located at the bottom right corner of the control board.