Fuel Feed Related Problems

Some of England's Stove Works pellet units use a two auger feed system. This system feeds the fuel though at a rate determined by the control board settings. The upper auger (located at the bottom of the hopper) runs intermittently. The lower auger (which brings the pellets from the upper auger to the fire) runs continuously.

Each of the augers is independently run by a motor and gearbox assembly. These motors are identical and interchangeable. Feed related issues fall under two categories: bottom auger stopped, or bottom auger turning but no fuel is being fed.

Lower auger not turning

If the lower  auger is not turning the following should be checked:

  1. Is the auger physically jammed? Look for foreign objects, such as wood chips or other objects that may have somehow gotten into the pellets.
  2. Is the motor getting power? If the motor is getting power, it will get fairly hot to the touch, quickly. If the motor is getting power but is not running and the auger is not jammed, the motor is bad. If the motor is not getting power, either the motor's wires or the control board are bad. Another possibility is that, if the electric motor is running but the auger is not turning, this could be a loose setscrew holding the motor to the auger, or a stripped gear in the gearbox. A stripped gear would mean the auger  motor must be replaced.

The lower auger is turning but no fuel is coming out

If this is the case, the first thing that should be done is that the hopper should be emptied. Check the auger itself, to see if it is physically jammed, as foreign objects in pellets could jam the auger. If the auger is free, the next step would be to determine if the motor is receiving power. The motor will get warm within a few minutes, if it is getting power. If the motor is getting power and is not running, the motor is bad. If it is not receiving power, the next step is to check the wiring. The wires from the top auger motor are connected on terminals 3 and 4 on the control board from left to right.

Another possibility could be the over-temperature limit protection in the control board. This will stop the top auger if the unit reads as being too hot - the auger will start moving again if the unit cools to an acceptable temperature, however, and generally will continue to operate.

Vacuum related stoppages

The "door ajar" vacuum switch (present in some model pellet units) is wired through the top auger motor, and works through vacuum pressure pulled from the firebox by means of a vacuum hose. If this hose is plugged, disconnected, or damaged, the top auger will not run.