Choosing A Location

In selecting a location for your pellet unit, keep the following in mind:

  1. The pellet vent pipe and outside air kits both need to reach outside the structure, so locating the unit on an exterior (outside) wall will allow the least complicated installation to be used.
  2. The unit cannot be vented below a window, between two windows, under a deck , or in an alcove. See this page for more info. on vent termination.
  3. The unit must have a 3' (three foot) vertical rise in the flue system. This can be located either inside our outside of the structure.
  4. This is a video from a pipe manufacturer showing a typical through-the-wall installation. Always follow pipe manufacturer’s instructions and all local codes.


When looking for a good location for the unit inside the structure, you will want to first check out the "footprint" the stove will require.  The term "footprint" refers to the space the unit AND its clearance areas will occupy.  For example , one model is 281/2" wide and 281/2" deep  needs 6"  clearance in the front , rear and both sides, so it  would have a 40 1/2" by 40 1/2" footprint.  No combustible materials would be able to be located within the footprint (furniture, drapes, etc).

Floor Protection

A "UL listed" (ULC if Canada) floor protector is required to be placed under all of our freestanding pellet units, unless they are being placed on a cement floor such as a basement floor.

**Always follow local codes. Refer to your stove and vent pipe owner's manuals, and contact the manufacturer with any questions.

Feb 23, 2022