England's stove works pellet units can be operated using two types of thermostats. The function of the thermostat is to control heat in the structure the unit is located in. When running on a thermostat, the stove will run at the heat range setting selected on the control board until the temperature the thermostat is set for is reached. At this point the stove will revert to its "low burn function" which is essentially the same as heat range 1. The unit will run in this manner until the thermostat calls for heat again, at which time  the stove will revert back to running at the setting pre-selected on the control board.

The thermostat does NOT  turn the stove on and off on all models; see Owner's Manual.

REMOTE:  There is a Remote Thermostat available (Part # AC-3001) for your pellet unit.  It comes with everything necessary for quick installation, and has many features to allow remote control of your unit. The remote thermostat can be used on models that were manufactured through 2003 (there are exceptions, click the AC-3001 for info.).


              (AC-3001 Remote Thermostat)                                   (PU-DTSTAT Wall Thermostat)

WALL: Also, an external wall thermostat (such as our Part # PU-DTSTAT) can be used on our pellet units as long as it is a 24-volt that works with millivolt systems. The unit will operate differently once the wall thermostat is connected - we recommend the Control Board be set at "9" on Heat Range and Blower Speed while using the thermostat. Refer to your Owner's Manual. Also refer to the section on "Start-up Procedure" for information on cold starts. The wall mounted thermostat can be used on all units.


After unplugging the unit, locate the jumper wire (J-3) on the bottom of the control panel. The two screws should then be loosened and the jumper wire removed from the board. Next, the two thermostat lead wires should be slipped into these openings and the screws tightened; the jumper wire should be saved for future operation without a thermostat.