Pellet Stoves - Basement Installation

England's Stove Works recommends that basement installation be performed ONLY by a professional installer. **Always follow local codes. Refer to your stove and vent pipe owner's manuals, and contact the manufacturer with any questions.

NOTE: England's Stove Works strongly recommends installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when installing ANY  type of stove.

For basement installations, a 3-inch pipe and coupler must be used for Outside Combustion Air, and a minimum clearance of 3 ft. must be maintained from the ground to the pellet vent exhaust pipe and the outside intake air pipe. Never terminate the end vent under a deck, in an alcove, under a window or between two windows (see your owner's manual).

This clearance is necessary to keep the intake and exhaust above the "snow drift line" and to provide clearance from any combustible materials such as leaves that may be blown under the exhaust opening.
Consult your owner's manual and call our Technical Support with any questions.

NOTE: If an older unit, measure the opening to determine what size pipe to use or couple to.

High Altitude Installation

If the unit is being installed at an altitude of 4,000 ft. above sea level or higher, the following amendments to the chosen installation should be made:

  1. The pellet vent pipe size should be increased to 4" (Part # AC-3100 vent kit) if choosing a "through-the-wall" installation. If connecting to an existing chimney use 4" pellet vent pipe.
  2. The outside air intake should be 3".
  3. (Typical Basement Installation Illustration)