Gasket Maintenance

One of the biggest keys to getting peak performance from your pellet unit is gasket maintenance. Our pellet units are designed to pull combustion air in through the fire and eject the exhaust out through the vent pipe.

The gaskets which seal around the window (AC-GGK), the door (AC-DGKNC), the ash pan (PU-GGK) and the hopper lid (PU-HLG) ensure that the air that is pulled through the stove is not pulled through these areas. Air that enters through leaky gaskets is air that does not pass through the fire, leading to incomplete burning of the fuel and diminished performance.

The combustion blower gasket (PU-CBG) will need replacing when the component it is sealing is removed.

Examples of Worn Gaskets


 (This gasket should be replaced)                              (Frayed strings can be trimmed but