Electrical Troubleshooting

Blown Fuses

The unit has a 6 amp 125 volt fuse located on the control board which protects the unit from most power spikes

(Fuse Location)

England's stove works does strongly recommend the use of a surge protector with our pellet units as an added protection. Some spikes such as are caused by lightning strikes and the like may still cause damage to the board as they would to most any electrical appliance. An internal short could also cause a fuse to blow. In most cases a blown fuse from external spike would not cause damage to the unit. Should there have been damage to the electrical system the most likely symptoms would be;

1. Additional fuses blowing as soon as the unit is plugged back in.

2. Fuse blowing when on button is pushed.

3. A component running when stove is plugged in without turning the unit on (most common would be the room air blower, the cartridge heater, or the auger motor). In some cases, provided the unit was not damaged but is not acting correctly the control board may be "rebooted" or reset back to its normal operating parameters, in this case normal function may be restored without replacing components.

Contact customer service at 800-245-6489 for instructions if needed to reboot the control board. A blown fuse from an internal short may be caused by a bare wire or a wire disconnecting from its terminal on a component and touching the hull or other metal component of the unit. For this reason, should a fuse be blown it is recommended that all wires should be inspected prior to replacement of the fuse.

Component Location

Faulty Motor/Blower

There are three electric motors in your pellet unit, each with a specific job. One of these motors runs continuously as soon as the unit is turned on (the exhaust blower) auger motor comes on intermittently, and the room air blower comes on once the stove reaches temperature.

Checking auger motors

Follow these steps after determining the auger itself is not physically jammed. The auger motor is wired through a vacuum switch so the switch may be the cause for the motor not running. To check this motor without the switch, hardwire the auger motor directly to the board. Pull the black wire off of the control board so that there is an empty space beside the yellow wire. Move the wire on the vacuum switch that goes to the auger motor to the board beside the yellow wire. If the motor will now turn the motor is good and likely the vacuum switch or the circuit board is bad.

Checking Room Air Blower

To test the function of the room air blower you can put stove into diagnostic mode  and follow the instructions for energizing the room air blower.

Checking Exhaust Blower

To check the exhaust blower put stove into diagnostic mode to test, or simply turn the unit on and check the blower (located on the left side of the unit) for function.